Xiyuntech 2015 Summer Drifting Travelling


Xiyuntech Drifting

In July 18th,2015 Xiyuntech went to drifting and Climbing mountain in  Qingyuan City, one of cities in Guangdong China mainland.

 Xiyun Team Well prepared for the drifting!

Ready! Go!


xiyuntech drifting


After drifting, Xiyun team also climbing mountain,very brave team, no matter how dangerous the mountain is, our team climbed the mountaion together, never give up, until climbed to the mountain top!

xiyuntech-climbing mountain

Xiyuntech climbed mountain

Xiyun Team

This summer drifting activity was hold by Xiyuntech successfully in Qingyuan. We are relaxed and with energetic power to our working!

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