What HD Digital Terrestrial Receiver Will Hit Germany Market in 2016?


We received feedback from our Germany IPTV Operators today, he said that Iptv set top box will  opent signal format of DVB-T2 in 2016.

Digital Terrestrial Receiver Germany

"DVB-T2 is in test phase start next year, problem is the dvb-T2 signal comes with H.265 so the DVB-T2 chipset must decode it not the GPU chipset on PC board."

DVB t2 hd digital Terrestrial receiver with H.265 Hardware decoding tv boxes wiill be very popular in 2016. Our factory now developing DVB-T2 receiver which can full support H.265 decoding digital receiver, this new item we use the solution chipset--Mstar solution.Once we developed this kind of HD digital receiver, we will soon update our products, please attention to our product categories.

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