Xiyun Smart TV Box Brings You to HD Exciting TV


Xiyun Smart TV Box

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      If you’re one fans of set-top boxes then you will find it interesting to find out that Xiyun Smart TV Box has just announced a new Android Streaming Box. It’s being given the name of Smart TV Box and with all the features that it boasts, it definitely deserves to be called that. This new set-top box comes with amazing features and an even more amazing price tag. What’s even great is the fact that it’s not your average set-top box with some crappy OS inside instead it comes packed with Android making it even more attractive for Android fans.

The Xiyun Smart TV Box comes with a HDMI cable, a simple remote for controlling the box, and a power brick. It also supports Bluetooth connectivity if you want to connect your peripherals wirelessly. Mostly TV boxes come without the support of Play Store and fail, however, Xiyun has included Play store so you have access to all the apps and games that you want.

Buy Smart TV Box

      The Xiyun Smart TV Box can be ordered online from the Xiyun Website http://www.androidtvbox-factory.com. So, if you’re looking for a much advanced TV box then the Xiyun box is the right device for you. Let us know what you think about the Smart TV Box.

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