What's the Core Competence TV Boxes in IPTV Box Factory?


    About competence android boxes  in Xiyun Tech IPTV Box Factory, we are providing the public mould and private mould IPTV Boxes to IPTV Operators.

    The core competence TV Boxes in Xiyun Tech is Model No. HR-GT1205A. This model is very stable, the outlook to our HR-GT1205A also better than that of Xiaomi Box. This boxes is open only for IPTV Operaters who have their own android applications and android application packages.IPTV BOX Factory can offer you with HEVC Video decoding boxes for your 4K 2K TV.

IPTV Box Factory

    One of uses in this boxes, we can use it to watch movies, surfing online.

    We can scan news from IPTV Boxes, we paid attention to our Beingjing Winter Olympics in 2022, our country has been  successfully applied the holding rights.

    Best wishes to Beijing Winter Olympics!

    Xiyun Tech IPTV Boxes Factory will manufacture IPTV Boxes to our customers, we can meet your requirements.

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