Streaming Media Box Puzzle--Amazon, Apple and Google Started the War of Game&Living Room


NO.1 Amazon Flirting Game Developers

In the past, the Amazon notorious for squeeze competitors and suppliers, but currently they make nice to game developers. In order to catch up with the competition in this field, Amazon hopes that with the help of developers to create a dynamic application platform for Fire TV Streaming Media Box.

Streaming Media Box

For example , Amazon contacted the London game developer Asharaf Hegab in last year. Hegab said that unlike Apple and Google 's attitude, Amazon promised , as long as he developed games on the Amazon platform, then Amazon will be given to promote . As the founder of Playir, Hegab said: "In dealing with Amazon, you will feel more intimate; in dealing with Apple, you can get feedback , but this is usually more formal and you will feel like just to be judged . "

In the smartphone and tablet platforms , game is the most important source of revenue , and also one of the five most important activities. In order to catch up with competitors in this field , Amazon needs to grab users and developers with Apple and Google .

Last week, Amazon launched a $ 99 streaming media box device Fire TV, which reinforces the Amazon game strategy. By Fire TV, users can play games on TV , and Amazon executives hope that this product will become the competitor of Microsoft's Xbox, Nintendo Wii , Sony PS and.

In the past 20 years , the Amazon's focus is to provide users with the lowest prices of various commodities , including kitchen knives and diapers . But game developers said that in the past two years , Amazon is trying to establish contact with the developers, providing them with marketing support , feedback, and other assistance. In addition , Amazon also for internal game studio hired industry veteran . This gave rise to game developers on Amazon 's favor.

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