News To 4K TV Iptv Solution Set Top Box Factory


    Quantel and Snel is a well-known British film and television production company. Recently, this company has conducted a survey to the global 1000 media production company  about 4K TV program.the results of the investigation shows that many media agencies agree that 4K high-definition program has become the mainstream of the IPTV Solution demands now. And in the future, 4K TV signal transmission through the network will become the first choice for many IPTV operators, iptv Solution factories and iptv set top box factories.

    In more than one thousand questionnaires surveyed has been posted, 60% of the agencies believe that within the next five years, 4K high-definition program to the iptv 4K tv android box quad core or will be fully popularization, the audience will see more clearly the effect of shock.In addition, there are 47% of the agencies believe that the emergence of HDR technology will be graced for 4K program to make the picture clearer.

    From those questionares, Shenzhen Xiyun Tech Company will pay full focus on the 4K HD HEVC Firmware decoding android tv boxes, our mainstream tv boxes will be Amlogic S812 live streaming tv box, item:HR-GT1206A

    As a IPTV Solution factory, hope we can offer the best 4K TV box sources for iptv operators from all over the world.

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