New Commercial Chance to IPTV Box for 2.6 million Users in Germany Deutsche Telecom IPTV Operator


According to Broadband TV News reports, Deutsche Telecom in the second quarter of 2015 increased by 62,000 IPTV users, the total IPTV users has reached 2.58 million. As iptv box manufacturer in China, we are expected to this  Commercial Chance for IPTV Boxes, especially quad core IPTV Streaming meida boxes for 4K TV.

Commercial Chance to IPTV Box

Compared with the same quarter in last year,the data is keeping stable.

The second quarter of last year increased by 63,000 users.

At the same time, the German telecom broadband users increased by 81,000 in the second quarter, broadband users currently amount increased to 12.52 million. it was the biggest increase quarter within three years.

There are 2.37 million broadband users connected to the optical fiber.There is expected to add 250,000 broadband IPTV users throughout 2015 in Deutsche telekom.

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