British UKTV Signed an Agreement with the BTTV IPTV Android TV operator


    The British UKTV signed an agreement with the BTTV IPTV operator(one of iptv operators in China),  BTTV subscribers can watch all owned by UK TV  channels. This is a IPTV operator cooperation between UK and China.

IPTV Operator Cooperation

    According to the agreement, BTTV subscribers watching UKTV its natural channel Eden, food Channel GoodFood and lifestyle channel,Home channel via set-top box, and android iptv boxesBefore this,  BTTV subscribers can Watch the  UKTV channels: Gold,  Alibi, Watch, Dave, Really, Yesterday, and Drama.

    BTTV subscribers can also watch 7 days back of  UKTV pay channel programs, and 

watch UKTV channel application programs through the "Everywhere".

    From above,we see that there will more and more different countries IPTV operaters have business cooperation with China iptv operators and also cooperate with  android tv boxes manufacturer and owners, IPTV android tv Box marketplaces will expanded to UK market soon.

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