“Android TV BOX 4.4 ”and Google Fiber


Google fiber station 8: Salt Lake City is under construction. This may benefits to lots of “android tv box 4.4” iptv operators and wholesalers.

As “android tv box 4.4” has been come out for months, the android tv box with quad core or dual core amlogic chipset si much stable, and the wifi and network function is so popular to the markers, a lot of  “android tv box4.4” owner will benefit from google fiber with high speed broadband. Theverge reported , Google announced that the Salt Lake City has become the eighth fiber covering city, the construction process is expected to last for months, and Google will constantly expand their network coverage areas. Learn from these news, we full filled with confidence to the “android tv box 4.4” markets from overseas. We may hot sell the “android tv box 4.4”, quad core android box 4.4.2, dual core android tv box 4.2.2, quad core android tv box hybrid DVB S2/ DVB T2, and dual core android tv box 4.2 hybrid box, set top boxes,etc in this year.

In January 2015, Google fiber usable area includes the Austin, Texas, Kansas city, Missouri, as well as the city of provo, Utah.Now Google has accelerated the process of the construction of the optical fiber, and so far in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in Nashville, Tennessee and the two cities of North Carolina's---lida durham and charlotte invested construction of optical fiber.The Salt Lake City became the eighth Google fiber city.

Can see from the table, the Google map continues to expand west, the future optical fiber covered cities, including Portland, Oregon, SAN jose city, phoenix, SAN Antonio, Texas.

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What are the costs to the google fiber broadban services? We may know the advantages of using the “android tv box 4.4” for watching tv online and entertainment online. That is so amazing!

The service includes the basic version of the service, there are no monthly fees to 5 MBPS download speed and 1 MBPS upload.but the user needs to pay a $300 one-time equipment installation, can be a one-time payment, or 12 months installment payment. This is so sound service! 1 GBPS services need to be paid $70 a month, and the user will also get Google Drive, Gmail and Google + free services, general cloud storage capacity of 1 TB.

Google will also provide a $130 monthly bundle, including the gigabit high-speed Internet service, 1 TB cloud storage, and more than 150 TV channels services, and can also record as many as eight TV channel capacity. This is the majoy benefits to “android tv box 4.4” and our set top boxes buyers.

Hope you can take this chance, and start the business relationship to Shenzhen Xiyun Technology Company Limited, androidtvbox-factory, your trusted android tv box 4.4 provider and seller in China.

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Google definetly wish to providing the network service to United States, and plans to upgrade for the Internet advertising television advertising through the analysis of the set-top box data, implement advertising accurately targeted to improve the effect of advertising. We believed that the “ android tv box 4.4” and set top box will attracted to the future.

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