Android System Occupies Set-top Boxes Market


      At present, in the set-top boxes market , Android has become the choice of many manufacturers. The advantage of this is to ensure that the expansion of capacity of set-top boxes , video sites can launch its own TV version of the application to use for users , but after this application is disabled, many users also used to install phone client ' retreat Secondly seeking " clarity is poor way to watch videos.

set-top boxes

      Another big advantage of set-top boxes using Android system is that once the box support USB interface , and even supports Bluetooth 4.0 technology , it is possible to present a large number of peripheral products offer compatibility. Computer users with a mouse, keyboard can play Android games via the box , or buy another game controller to operate. And domestic and foreign manufacturers currently have begun gamepad specially launched exclusive products gamepad for Android smart TV and set-top boxes market.

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