Android OTT TV BOX of Xiyun Tech HK Fair in April 12-15st!


         In April 12-15st, our Mr Paul and Senior sales Andy Yang went to HK Fair and met with IPTV box operators and OTT TV box Operators.

         Hong Kong spring electronics show is the largest electronic exhibition in Asia, it provides the ideal platform for the enterprises to establish trade relationships and  to create virious business chance.Especially chance for set top box,internet television box,smart tv box,android box for tv,amlogic s802 box, and other Android tv box to the IPTV and OTT operators.

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        The Last exhibition attracted over 3980 exhibitors from 24 countries and regions, including China mainland, South Korea and Taiwan enterprises etc. There are more exhibitors in this Spring HK Fair. In this  international consumer electronics exhibition, lots of famous brands company attend this HK Fair, including Xiyun Brand. All kinds of electronic products are showing on the Fair, including: audio-visual products, navigation systems, telecommunications equipment, and inspection testing and certification services, etc.

        In Xiyun Brand, Amlogic chip solution is the mainstream to the android ott tv box and OTT operators projects.The hot point in electronic technology to HK Fair is 64–bit S905 chip.

        64 bit seems to be the the most eye-catching in 2015 chip processor on the market, and we also launched a new generation of products, including the SOC S905 cost-effective 64-bit processors for OTT market, this processor be displayed at the Hong Kong electronics show in these days. This chip will common application to our android ott tv box in October 2015 with our rapid speed.

 android ott tv box HK Fair Andy Yangandroid tv box factory iptv box

       S905 is 64-bit high cost performance chip, which can meet the current OTT application of predominantly video playback with its high performance,high integration, low power consumption and low cost.

A.     S905 is a 64-bit high-performance processing chip;

B.     Meet the 4 k hd broadcast;

C.     Rich interface, suitable for more peripherals links;

D.     High performance GPU, more perfectly good user experience show the complex applications such as games.

        Xiyun android ott tv box processor architecture is one of the world’s top four processor architecture-ARM. We see that X86 and ARM, MIPS and POWER are the world's top four popular processor architectures to the Android OTT TV BOX, the ARM architecture is the most popular in the mobile market structure, its power consumption is low, with the rapid growth of data, data processing center energy rising rapidly lead to the rapaidly rising of energy costs. The industry began to consider the ARM architecture applied to the servers.

HK Fair android tv box factory iptv box     

                                Hongkong Scenary 

        Chinese chip companies on the ARM architecture processor development with strong strength, Xiyun, haisi, spreadtrum are the powerful chip design companies in China, they are world leaderes of the ARM architecture processor technology.

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