4K TV Box Android Box With 52% 1080P TV Owner in the USA


Recently, the famous American investigators Leichtman Research Group released a survey data, the data showed that HD TV also  named full 1080p, high-definition television covers up 52% in U.S. home users.

Although 4 k high-definition television is very popular today , the traditional full 1080 p hd TV are still very hot selling in some countries. What’s the reason? In fact it is simply because of lacking of 4 k TV programs and less sources. Learn from this reason, we realized from the point that most of our android tv boxes support 1080P, and this 1080p android tv boxes will have a promising future for our android 4.4 tv box wholesalers and distributors. And the selling market to the 4K tv box android box still brightening !

The 1080p TV penetration rate of 52% in the US, 4K tv box android box We have much to do!

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More than half home useres using 1080p TV in the United States.

From the sampling survey, the results show that 52% of users are using HDTV in the US in 2014. In 2009, that number is only 24%, in 2004 was only 3%.Can be seen from this set of data, the full 1080 p high-definition television is very popular in the us market, that is to say, now half of the American people have full 1080 p hd TV. Also the market of full hd android 4.4 tv box in androidtvbox-factory, Shenzhen Xiyun Tech will be much potential! We hope our customers take this chance to buy the android full hd hihg definition TV box to enjoy the high efficiency TV programs and make preparation to purchase 4K tv box android box, which also supported the 1080P!

It is optimistic that most TV users views about 4 k high-definition television, 41% of adults heard of 4 k high-definition TV. From whom have watching 4K TVs, about 26% plan to buy 4k high-definition TV, and full of passion on the 4TV. That means we have potential markets to the USA. Just keep the confidence to the 4K tv box android box wih high definition and quick running speed!

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