Media player STB quality control



                                                                                           ----For Xiyun Tech, the quality is the soul.

According to the industry information, we know that a new TV era is coming, so that the Spring of Media player STB is not far away. And quality will become the key question before people condider to have a Media player STB.


Here we would like to show you how do we assure a perfect quality Media player STB, There are 5 focusing procedures:


Firstly, which is the most important thing, PCB board quality control (as we mentioned in the previous article-- Smart tv box quad core amlogic box production process). When we done a PCB board, two process need to do, that is the first QC examination:

A. Manual vision inspection. To examine faulty soldered joint.

B. Machine Check. Using AOI (automated optical inspection) to examine defective or non-defective product. Our defective rate under 3%.

 manual vision and machine check

Secondly, Semi-finished products detection. Test items including the plug-in units stability examine, Signal Detection, HDMI Detection, USB Detection, ect.

 Semi-finished products detection

Thirdly, inspection of the finishied product. After assembly, we would also examine the defective or non-defective product, if not meet the requirement, we won’t let them delivery to customers.

 inspection of the finishied product

Maybe some factories will stop here, because all the things seems like to finish. Actually we are not, testing still go on.


Fourthly, aging test. Nomatter finish products or SKD products we will do the aging test to ensure the playing smoothly.

 aging test

Fifthly, sampling inspection by customers. Customers can ask us to send samples to them to test or go to our factory to ask samples from product lines directly to test.

 sampling inspection

 As long as there is an index detection not meet the requirement, we will go back to the product repaired and detected again, untill it became good product. 

The above 5 focusing procedures is our guarantee of quality, and these examine processes let the media player STB to be perfect. 

For Xiyun Tech, the quality is the soul.


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