There are Difference Between H.264 and H.265


    We do support H.265 Hard Decoding Technique to HDMI output

    Recently, new products like Amlogic S802 solution has been displayed and hot sell to overseas markets, More and  more poeple concern on the decoding format between H.264 and H.265, let us tell you more. 

    In the same mlogic solutioAn, you may concern what's the difference between H.264 and H.265?  Relative to the H.264 and H.265, H.265 has its superior advantages of higher compression ratio than that of H.264. Most of our quad core smart tv boxes support H.265 decoding format, in order to offer high quality boxes to our customers.

Look at this followiing two comparisions.

UI of H.264  H.264 decoding format 

UI of H.265   H.265 decoding format      

     H.265 seems in much high grade, it also called HEVC(High Efficiency Video Coding), which mainly to reduce traffic in the video player, at the same times to reduce the costs on storage and transmission. This is very helpful to our customers enjoy high-definition TV at home.

    Obviously, H.265 decoding format is clear than that of  H.264, compared to H.265 definition has been promoted, especially in UI and other form video performance, with higher resolution. Our customers will enjoy the higher definition TV from our quad core H.265 boxes.

UI of H.264

H.264 decoding format

UI of H.265 

 H.265 decoding format

    On the premise of maintaining the same PSNR,  H.265 requirements the best conditions on the  code template (profile),  which can save about 36% the amount of data for compression of 1080 p video than H.264, and  in image quality,   its data amount will save  increase to 50%. 

     Because our  H. 265 than H.264 adopts the more advanced, more flexible coding unit, support HDMI fluently out put! It will bring a promising amlogic solution  market to our customers in using H.265 and H.264 quad core smart android  box!

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