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On the platform of Android, the market mainstream OTT TV BOX chip solution is Jingchen semiconductor (Amlogic), occupy more than 70% market share. The reason mainly lies in: one is the earlier domestic manufacturers to adopt the product performance is relatively stable, mature; two is because the other competitors, although in 2013 began shipping, but generally 3-6 months will be in the market reaction; three is because Amlogic itself is also in constant progress, OTT TV machine top box chip solutions in all chip solutions relatively strong.

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As the first integrated DTS-HD technology SoC provider, Amlogic for Android system of stream media sOTT TV BOX implementation of DTS-HD decoding ability. Calabasas California state American pointed out in June 17, 2014: now HD mobile phone audio and audio enhancement solutions senior consumer electronics company leader in semiconductor integrated circuit scheme of DTS company and the world's leading Amlogic jointly issued the built-in DTS-HD audio decoder Amlogic quad core chip S802, this chip designed for OTT network set top box based on customized android. Amlogic S802 became the first STB/OTT set-top box field support DTS-HD decoding chip technology.

  Xiyun Tech 4K Quad Core Android TV Box HR-GT1205A

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Amlogic business strategy vice president James Xie said: "we hope we can provide customers in power, efficiency and performance as one of the best SoC solutions, we are convinced S802 that they're looking for answers. It supports the most advanced video and audio formats. Our customers can use the S802 demodulation of 4K OTT TV BOX streaming media and upper body immersive DTS-HD surround sound technology.

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