Methods of android tv box firmware upgrade


If you would like to experience good on your tv box, you may have to upgrade your android tv box's firmware,if you have an android tv box, but don't know how to upgrade it,please do as follow.

Firstly, Prepare a 1 g to 4 g U disk, formatted into FAT32 format, from the set top box's official website to download the corresponding models of the latest firmware; 

Secondly, decompression after download, get an install.img file, and put the file to the contents of U disk, insert the U disk into USB port of set top box;

android tv box quad core

Thirdly, shut down, and then use a hard object (such as paper clips, pens, etc.) to resist the reset hole (RST) which on machine rear panel, and then boot, release until upgrade prompt of television;

The screen will appear the upgrade progress, about a few minutes, the upgrade will be completed.

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