Smart TV Box Android 4.4 and DVB-T2 in Eastern Europe


           Eastern Europe digital TV Forecast Report points out that analysts expected the total revenue will reach $7.269 billions on the Smart TV Box Android 4.4 pay-tv project in 2020, increasing 45% from 2010. Analysts also pointed out that the market value will grow $1 billion with a slow increasing rate 17% in 2014 to 2020. Users of the Pay digital TV is 25.8 million , which occupy 20.7% of the TV family in 2010, it is expected to reach 76.7 million in 2020 ( about 59.4% of the TV family users).

Smart TV Box Android 4.4

          DigitalTVResearch thinks that the main challenges the pay-tv in eastern Europe facing  is the market has been long time distorted by the original analog cable TV, many families pay for a few receiver with the traditional way to watch a limited number of channels.The good news is that the study found that such users are rapidly convert, most digital cable subscribers to IPTV, satellite and terrestrial digital TV. How many users will convert into the IPTV boxes? Look at the datas we mentioned on the first paragraph, we could predict the Eastern Europe markets on the  Smart TV Box Android 4.4 and DVB-T2 products.

          Eastern Europe is still used in DVB - T, it will soon upgrade to DVB - T2.The upgrading trend is inevitable will focus on in the future. In several major digital television ground transmission standards (DVB - TISDB – TDTMB DVB - T2), DVB - T2 comes out later, but it is a combination of all the latest technology.

The maximum TS stream transmission rate of DVB - T2 is about 50.1 Mbit/s within 8 MHZ bandwidth.This is obviously much higher than that of DVB – T, the highest transmission rate only 31.67 Mbit/s, DTMB 32.4864 Mbit/s, and ISDB - T 23.234 Mbit/s in 6 M bandwidth.

          Compared with DVB - T, DVB - T2 at the physical layer (coding/modulation) have the following 6 improvements:

1) support higher order modulation, up to 256 QAM;

2) a more optimal LDPC + BCH cascade of error correction coding;

3) support more FFT points, up to 32768 points, and it increases the extension subcarrier mode;

4) support more protection interval options, minimum protection interval 1/128;

 5) optimization of continuous and discrete pilot frequency,  which reducing the pilot overhead

6) use the constellation graph rotation, enhance the IQ's resistance circuit damage.

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