the world's major focus on small quantities of parts retailers have entered China


         Currently, the world's major focus on small quantities of parts retailers have entered China, including RS, Farnell, Digikey and Mouser This four companies. Four companies were on different occasions are high-profile announcement for China do its utmost to support, advertising is overwhelming. But talking about online shopping, many engineers have kind of strangeness, we are all accustomed to the hair, SEG and other components trading hub, is relatively easy to buy, and has formed a tradition. But for some remote device, or a small quantity to buy it, after all, made a special trip to a very inconvenient and very easy to buy goods or disassemble the bulk of new goods, and these devices if you go wrong, there are likely to impact on the progress of research and development .

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          Small quantities from the current market, due to foreign enterprises in financial services, inventory, channels and other aspects of the experience stronger, we can say the basic components of a monopoly phone orders and online shopping market, domestic enterprises can only stick on the counter marketing . 

          The actual needs of engineers in basically revolves around the delivery time and the quality of goods and other factors, but in online shopping, we found that due to the development of the logistics industry today, making the product delivery time is shortened, so engineers can safely developed in the laboratory, not Buy problems to worry about the device at this time, online shopping will become their first choice. Therefore, EEWORLD Xiaobian want to conduct a simulated shopping experience, whether to buy or not buy, at least these few companies have a preliminary understanding.