Things: The future is bright road is tortuous


        1999, when the legitimate Internet hot hot, MIT established the "Auto-ID Center", prospectively proposed "all things are available through networking" argument, "Internet of Things" (The Internet of Things) concept resulting.

        Popular places can be understood as: all items are connected via radio frequency identification and other information sensing devices and the Internet. Technically this understanding is correct, then from a practical point of view, things must also be established under the business model of sustainable operations, to ensure the security of user information, and have a reliable and efficient features. Things and intelligent recognition of a great relationship. 

       Such as product tracking system is a typical application of RFID, the system in the production line to track the entire production process of a product, that is, from the pre-production of the goods to the sale have tracking, which is the production efficiency and safety has greatly enhance the role. Speaking divided networking industry, sales director, NXP Semiconductors Identification Division, Greater China market Luehning told reporters, "Things from front-end and back-end systems composed in the front end can be used to identify different ways, which can be RFID, can also be a CPU card, via RF technology to items linked together, and then through the back-end systems management, this is a gradual process from small to large, but also the direction of its development. " 

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