What’s the Differences Between IPTV Box and Traditional Set Top Box?


Maybe someone would say that there is nothing difference between IPTV Box and Traditional Set Top Box. Actually, IPTV Box is better than traditional set top box.

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Firstly, let’s see the problems of Traditional TV playing: the traditional TV is one-way broadcast, which not only greatly limits the interaction between viewers and television service providers, but also limits the programs’ personalized and immediate.If a television audience is not interested in all channels content which is being broadcast, he ( she ) will have no choice.This is not only a loss for the television audience on a time, but also a cable ISP waste of resources.In addition , the current implementation of the program specific content in a specific period of time to play for many viewers are inconvenient. A late-night viewers may want to watch the news in the morning sometime, but one ready to take a train passenger wants to watch a scheduled football video games in the evening before leaving home .Now it seems impossible.

 IPTV Box, android tv box factory

IPTV uses the infrastructure of broadband cable networks , with household appliances TV as the main terminal to provide, including television programs , etc. a variety of digital media services via the Internet protocol. IPTV Box's  characteristics are:

1. Users can get a high quality ( close to DVD level ) digital media services.

2. Users can have a very wide latitude to select each site offers online broadband IP video programming .

3. Achieve substantial interactive media providers and media consumers.

4. For network developers and program providers to provide a broad emerging markets.

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