What’s IPTV box?


IPTV is an abbreviation of Internet Protocol Television. It is use a computer or a set top box + TV to receive video-on-demand programs, video broadcasting and web surfing.


Compared with traditional digital set-top boxes, IPTV Box achieves an integration of video , voice and data. It is called triple-play services. IP STB system architecture consists of three independent subsystems : TV unit , PC unit and conditional access ( ie encryption system , CA) units. TV subsystem consists tuner and the video decoder, which are used to process digital information stream; CA subsystem allows service providers to have the ability to control the user that let them know when to watch what programs; PC subsystems mostly modular design , STB designers can increase or decrease according to their needs and the system components , as IPTV Box goal is to provide Internet services, so it 's PC systems have to provide TCP / IP protocol stack , and has a better storage solution.

It can be seen, IPTV Box functions include the following three aspects:

1. Support the current LAN DSL or network transmission , reception and processing of data and IP video streams;

2. Supports MPEG, WMV and other video decoding Real ;

3. Supports user authentication, by interacting with the IPTV system to achieve the user access control , billing and other administrative functions.

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