Xiyun Tech Smart Box ODM Solution for IPTV Operators


Smart Box ODM Solution

1. Business negotiation

2. Conduct market survey, analyze market and competitor's information

3.  Meet customers’ demands

4. Brand strategy

5. Xiyun Tech R&D support and engineering product model development

6. Smart tv box for tv design by Xiyun Tech Designers

7. Android tv box model confirm

8. Android smart tv box material confirm

9. Packaging design by Xiyun Tech designers

10. Manufacturing technique to the smart tv box confirm, and make the production procedures’ document

11. Sample production

12. Sample to the iptv operator

13. Customer confirm

14. Smart tv boxes bidding to the IPTV, OTT, Web TV, Internet TV Operators

15. Success in bidding

16. Mass production turns out into being.

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