Quality Control


        30 QC Worker Strict Quality Control with 3 times tests records in 8 hours life...Aim to produce the high quality android 4.4 tv box to customers.

QC Examination Steps in Shenzhen androidtvbox-factory:

1. Raw Materials quality control in warehouse

Raw meterial quality control

2. IC Programming and ROM Recording quality control, ensure about 250/each machine, total number 24,000/day.

IC Programming

3. PCB Board quality control,including printing the PCB board, automatic SMT,Manual SMT, byAOI and Manual vision inspection to examine faulty soldered joint or other details. Strictly control PCB Unqualified Rate in 1%-3%.

PCB quality control

4. Patch Weld quality control, including PCB Board division, plug-in USB port ,tuner,Wave-Soldering,Stability  examination.

Quality control  of android 4.4 box

5. Signal quality control, including the HDMI,USB Detections and the UI, media signal, TV channels, etc.

HDMI Testing

6. Assembly quality control, Real panel,Power-line ,Front Panel, and clean up the panels.Those details were under the carefully and strictfully quality control of our QC workers.

Assembly  QC

7. Aging Test quality control for more than 8 hours.

Aging test of android 4.4 box

8. Products quality examination by egineers

quality control by engineers

9. Packing quality control according to the customers packing design, carton desgin  or giftbox design.

10. Sales Team sample test to the products, and have a evaluation, and then arrange the  
deliveryto the custoomers, including sample delivery and  in bulk products delivery.

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