IPTV TV Box Item is More Than 2,000,000 Users in Spain


      Telefonica Movista recently said publicly that the IPTV business in Spain is increasing rapidly. More and more users open the IPTV TV Box item, they can enjoy a lot of TV programs by using IPTV TV Box. From the users data, we can learn that more than 2,000,000 IPTV TV users use TV Boxes of IPTV Television. The number of users are rising. We believe our IPTV Operators may have another marketing plan in this year.

       IPTV TV BOX Solution

      Maybe there are many terminal users do not know the IPTV? As we have mention the differences between IPTV tv box and Set Top Box, you may learn more from that news.IPTV is an interactive network television, which integrating the broadband IP network, Internet, multimedia, communications and other technology. And IPTV is  with TV or PC for receiving terminal to provide customers with a wide range of interactive services, including digital television, the new technology.In addition to the traditional TV program, also provides the timeshift TV, VOD video on demand, etc. In short, it is watching TV through broadband Internet. So why not buy the iptv tv box for a surprising experience?

      As at home, there are more IPTV operators running the IPTV Items, such IPTV TV and IPTV TV Box factory selling. We full filled with the confidence to the IPTV TV Box manufacture and factory producing to our in coming Box IPTV TV operators and users.

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