1. Private mould design. Our mould case is private and made in Aluminum (eg.HR-GT71A)or plastic(eg.HR-GT1205A). It looks stylish and practical.

--some are plastic and public, looks cheap.

    Our HR-GT1205A design


2. PCB board design. PCB main board is private design in our company.

--some are public which can buy in the market.


3. Sofaware version.Our software is private one only for television display.

--some are public version for mobile phone or tablet PC.


4.Software design.Our R&D team have repaired the different bugs based on the original source code, and our software is more matured and stable in quality,  and this is the most important differences from others.

--some get original source code without repairing the bugs


5. UI design. Our android software is with private UI design for television.

-- some is with public UI for phone or tablet pc.

 android box UI for OTT, IPTV and Web TV Design

6.Customized design. Our R&D Team support the customized demand (developing firmware, animated logo default, sign tools, etc.) 

--some mostly for retail markets without customized design.

7. Android OTT, IPTV and Web TV Design.

Two months design and mould opening and design for Android OTT IPTV and web TV operators in android projects.

Keywords:OTT, IPTV and Web TV Design