A Good Prospect of IPTV Manufacturer


IPTV as an interactive network TV , because of new features and new technology concepts has attracted many users.

 IPTV Manufacturer DVB-T2

The traditional TV is one-way broadcast, which is not only greatly limits the interaction between viewers and television service providers, but also limits the program of personalized and immediate. The IPTV is using broadband cable networks’ infrastructure, with household appliances TV as the main terminal to provide including television programs’ variety of digital media services via the Internet protocol. It can achieve the substantive interactive between media providers and consumers.

 IPTV Set top box

Users at home can enjoy IPTV services in three ways: (1) computer; (2) ordinary TV + network set-top boxes; (3) mobile terminals ( such as IPad, IPhone , etc. ) . It is well adapted to the current trend of rapid development of the network , the full and effective use of network resources.IPTV is different from traditional analog cable TV, and also different from the classic .Because of traditional and classical digital television has frequency division, time, one-way broadcasting and other characteristics; although the classic analog TV to digital TV with many technical innovations, only in the form of a signal change but did not touch the media content mode of transmission.

The main selling pointof IPTV is the interaction , and the Internet business. IPTV  Manufacturer also can easily combine the TV service with Internet browsing , e-mail , as well as a variety of online information consulting, entertainment, education and business functions. It shows a dominant in the future competition .

But in a very long period of time there will be two coexisting condition. Because real-time broadcast IPTV have a certain cost, so completely out of IPTV replace cable or satellite television has no great significance.However, because of the many attract people's IPTV functionality , it acts as an independent program channels is still very viable. From the perspective of the development of information industry , IPTV Manufacturer or triple play of the largest entry point.

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